The Oneida County History Center Veteran's Wall of Honor  provides an enduring way for family and friends to honor our community veterans, both those who have served in war and in peacetime throughout the history of our country. Your support will allow future generations to access and appreciate the service of their parents, grandparents and other ancestors. Join our mission to preserve the region’s history and heritage by honoring your veteran in a special way. 

  • honor and memorialize our veterans and preserve the history of veterans
  • be a repository or source of information about veterans
  • raise funds for the History Center to  ensure the preservation of the area’s history, heritage, and culture.   

Eligibility: Any veteran who has ever served in any military branch, and who has lived or worked in Central New York or is a relative of a current Oneida County resident. Multiple veterans may be submitted.

Instructions: Submit your donation to the History Center in the appropriate amount and fill out the form below. A pdf version is also available for those who wish to pay and submit by mail.

​Oneida County History Center

Oneida County Veteran's Wall of Honor

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Ways to Honor

Support our mission to preserve the region’s history and heritage, and honor your veteran in a special way through one of the following opportunities. Gifts are tax deductible.

Free -- The History Center is always available to archive your veteran’s photo and biographical information in our genealogical files at no cost.

$250 -- Honor your veteran with his/her name, photo, dates of service and special honors on the Wall of Honor -- a permanent plaque at the History Center. Your veteran will also be included on the Wall of Honor website for one year, announced on Facebook and in the OCHC quarterly newsletter, and their information will be archived in our files. The donor or veteran will receive a one-year individual membership to the History Center.

$50 --  Bio and photo listed on the Wall of Honor website for one year; information archived in our files; honor announced on Facebook and in the OCHC quarterly newsletter.