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Murder & Mayhem in the Mohawk Valley 

The Mohawk Valley is a region steeped in history including fascinating historical murder cases. James Greiner, Herkimer County Historian and contributing author of Murder & Mayhem in Herkimer County, discusses cases with Utica connections in this virtual lunchtime lecture.

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The Battle of Oriskany & Herkimer's Militia

The story of the Battle of Oriskany on August 6, 1777 has been passed down for generations, but how much do we really know about General Nicholas Herkimer and the Tryon County Militia? As historical records are scanned for digital collections, more original documents are available than ever before, painting a broader picture of the battle and its participants. Alexis Albright, curator of the Oriskany Museum, discusses this important event in our national and local history.

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"The Coney Island of Central NY”- Sylvan Beach in its Heyday 

​Dive into Oneida Lake and Sylvan Beach history with author and local expert, Jack Henke.  Henke will talk about "The Beach" during its heyday, ~1900, sharing fun facts and photos from the past.  Henke is the author of four books about Oneida Lake history including From “The Beach” to Brewerton: Stories of Oneida Lake, and Oneida Lake: “The Only Happiness” Place Names and History.

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In Search of What She Left Behind ​

View the History Center's first virtual presentation! Barbara Dunadee will present a historic travelogue focused on finding remnants from the past left behind by notable area women. Inspired by her involvement in the two-volume series, Women Belong in History Books, Herkimer and Oneida Counties, 1700 to 1950 edited by Jane Spellman, Barb and her group organized several bus tours through parts of Herkimer and Oneida Counties showing others the rich history of this region. Her talk will feature some of what they have found while searching local highways and byways in an attempt to connect history with modern-day.

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September 11 & 18, October 9 & 16 at 11:00 AM​​​
Story Hour

In partnership with Utica Public Library, the OCHC will be hosting a history themed Story Hour on the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays each month this fall.  Each story will include a hands-on make and take activity.  September:  Enjoy stories, games and a craft about Johnny Appleseed. October: Learn about the history of immigration in Oneida County with stories and a craft. November: Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with books from the Oneida Indian Nation. 
November 6 at 1:00 PM​
Land Patents

In colonial New York the dividing of land often took place by the granting of land Patents.  Patents are rights to land typically granted to one or more persons by the British crown or the state of New York.  "Proprietors" were joint owners of a patent, who subdivided, surveyed, and conveyed individual allotments. Local historian Dick Williams will discuss the early land patents in the region and how they impact the layout of towns and villages today.
October 9 at 1:00 PM​
Robert Everett - Preacher, Publisher, and Abolitionist

This presentation by Ted Engle will examine Rev. Robert Everett, who was a Welsh-American preacher and publisher. He came to Oneida County in 1823 from Wales in Great Britain. He immediately became involved in the Anti-slavery movement.  In 1835 Utica was selected as the site for the first NY Anti-Slavery Convention. The meeting was broken up by an angry mob. Initially stationed in Utica, Everett was forced to move several times because his views were considered so radical during those early times. His church services were often broken-up by various ruffians who rejected his abolitionist message.

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Upcoming Programs & Events

The programs below are free and open to all. Please direct any questions to, or call the OCHC at 315-735-3642
September 25 at 1:00 PM​
Central New York and the Birth of the Oneida County Freedom Trail: Ashley Tourtelot

The Underground Railroad was more than a route to freedom; it was a movement that transcended the lines of race and gender -- not just nationally, but here in Oneida County. The county's efforts along the freedom trail highlighted the cooperation of free and enslaved groups -- black, white, men, women who pushed New York state and the nation one step closer to universal freedom.
Our intern, Ashley Tourtelot, from Colgate University, will discuss her research on the Underground Railroad by examining how Oneida County weaved together social, political, and economic transformations that made the route to freedom possible. Ashley will do this by highlighting how abolitionist sentiments emerged and grew in central New York with the Oneida Institute while also spotlighting a few of Utica's own developments in the freedom struggle, including the Utica Riot, Utica Rescue, and Post Avenue settlements. 

Join us in person at the History Center or virtually via Zoom. In accordance with local, federal, & CDC guidelines, masks are required for all visitors regardless of vaccination status during public events and programs. This program will be recorded and available on the OCHC Youtube channel.

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October 16 at 1:00 PM ​
Edelweiss Schuhplattlers

The Edelweiss Schuhplattlers are a German/Austrian folk dance group of the Utica Maennerchor. They were founded in 1976 and perform at a wide variety of venues. Dance instructor, Gracie Schell received German dance instruction from the late Rudolf Teichmann while studying in Salzburg, Austria. The current group consists of children, teens, and adults.
October 20 at 6:30 PM​
Utica's Sousa Connection

Michael Fisher will present the story of Professor George H. Fischer (1869-1952), his career in Utica and his remarkable collection of musical compositions, arrangements, and instructional materials. 
November 13 at 1:00 PM
Mapping the Canal - David Vaughan and the Erie Canal

Many of us know the story of the Irish laborers on the Erie Canal, but the Irish story does not end there.  Join the History Center as we explore the life and fantastic work of David Vaughan. Retired New York State Museum curator, Craig Williams, will discuss 19th century draftsman David Vaughan and the significant maps and observations he made on New York's Erie Canal. Surveyor, draftsman, and mapmaker David Vaughan, who came from Ireland to Albany in 1847, brought mid-nineteenth century New York alive through his skilled and artistic maps and documents.

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